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As you scroll the mouse over each push pin you will see that designated tail water,
steam, tributary, creek, or prong appear as a link.  If you're having trouble finding the
water you are seeking send us an email.

Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and that some of the river/creek descriptions
are currently unavailable.  Bare with us as we continue to update our site.  

By clicking on the pins or links below you will find detailed maps, river/stream
descriptions, favorable flies, current weather conditions, and recommended gear for that
designated water.

Don't be afraid to contribute to this site.  If you have information on a designated water
shoot us an email
here!  Thanks and enjoy!

~FFT Team
-Abrams Creek
Anthony Creek
-Panther Creek
-The Little River (Metcalf Bottoms/Elkmont)
Fish Camp Prong
Meigs Creek
-The Middle Prong of The Little River
Thunder Head Prong
Indian Flats
Sams Creek
Lynn Camp Prong
-The West Prong of The Little River
Laurel Creek
-The Little Pigeon River (Greenbrier)
Ramsay Prong (Cascades)
-The Middle Prong of The Little Pigeon
Roaring Fork
-The West Prong of The Little Pigeon River
Alum Cave
Fighting Creek
Road Prong
Walker Camp Prong
-The Pigeon River
Cosby Creek
-Tellico River
North River
Bald River
Sycamore Creek
-Citico Creek
South Fork of Citico Creek
Bald River
North River
Citico Creek
Tellico River
South Fork of Citico Creek
Sycamore Creek
-The Pigeon River

-The French Broad River
If you have a water that you would like to see submitted shoot us
an email
here.  There are so many great streams mixed within
the national parks and this great state that we just simply can't
remember them all.  So if we have forgotten one or you feel that
we should give some special attention to a given body of water
please let us know!
Caney Fork
Clinch River
Holston River
Hiwassee River
Fort Patrick
Watauga River
South Holston
Obey River
Duck River
Elk River